JRMO Medical Mentoring Program

About: Mentoring is integral to the development of doctors in complex, pressured, work-based environments.  

Drawing from corporate, and medical literature, focus groups, and survey data (JRMOs working at the RCH at the time), a model was designed by which junior doctors self-select a mentor based on a video introduction and brokering of the relationship.

The Medical Mentoring Program online module looks at the stages in a mentor/mentee relationship where documentation is provided to ensure structure and format for the relationship.

Intended audience: Medical Education Officer, Junior Registered Medical Officer, Registrars, Fellows

Total time: 20 minutes

Cost: Free


Refund eligibility: NA (free course)

Course administrator: Lichin Lim

Human factors training

About:  This course covers how human factors contribute to human error and uses human factor principles that aim to improve communication and clinical decision making. It discusses how team training can mitigate the impact of human factors on patient outcome.

Intended audience: All healthcare workers

Total time: 20 minutes

Cost: Free

CPD points:  Equivalent to 20 minutes

Refund eligibility: NA (free course)

Course administrator: Mirna Boujaoude